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14 August 2007 @ 10:20 pm
My first tutorial. Sweet.  

Icon Tutorial Number One

(I got this as close to the original as possible, but I know this is definitely not how I did it the first time. The steps are also kind of tedious and there are a lot of them. I also did everything while the image was still about 500x500, as opposed to 100x100. I don't think it will make that much of a difference though.)

Made in PSCS2. Not sure if it's translatable.

1. Crop your base. I'm using this one of Hermione. Paste it into a new image, and duplicate it. Set one to invisible.

2. Add a new Levels adjustment layer (Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Levels).
RGB: 0; 1.00; 255

3. Add a Curves adjustment layer (Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves).
RGB: (Input/Output)
Point 1: 229/254 (use the one that's in the upper corner already)
Point 2: 181/217
Point 3: 76/55
Point 4: 25/0 (use the one in the bottom corner)

Point 1: 227/250 (use the one in the top corner again)
Point 2: 11/0 (use the one in the bottom corner)

Point 1: 253/231 (top corner again)

4. Merge the adjustment layers and the visible base layer. (Don't merge the invisible base layer).

5. Now take the invisible base layer, drag it on top of the edited layer, and make it visible.

6. Go to Filter > Artistic > Film Grain
Grain: 5
Highlight Area: 1
Intensity: 8

7. Set it to soft light at 100%, then merge all.

8. Make a new Levels layer.
RGB: 22; 1.00; 255
Red: 86; 1.00; 255
Green: 34; 1.00; 255
Blue: 0; 1.00; 225

9. Make a new Curves layer.
Point 1: 255/226 (use the point in the upper corner)

10. Merge all. Result:

I hope that was easy enough to follow.
kaikaiwynn on August 15th, 2007 06:45 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for this! It was very, very easy to follow -- and I've learned lots about curves and levels. Thanks again ♥